Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


Our “investment philosophy” refers to our over-arching beliefs regarding the prudent approach to making investment decisions.  Our investment process should be driven by our investment philosophy.  First and foremost, we view our role to be that of a trusted advisor and to be a manager of risks and intended outcomes.

Our strongly-held investment principles are:

  • We believe that investing is a long-term proposition.
    •  We believe that patience and discipline are time-honored elements to successful investing. 
    • People should “save” for short-term needs, but “invest” for longer-term goals. 
    • The “amount of time” that one’s willing to stay invested the market is much more important than trying to “time” when one get in and/or out the market.
    • We also believe that when expectations are managed properly, our relationship with our clients remain long-lasting.


  • We believe that broad diversification, by placing money in different types of investments, actually lowers volatility and reduces risk. 
    • In today’s market and economic environment, proper and adequate diversification goes beyond just investing in stock, bonds, cash equivalents, and real estate and should include, where appropriate, commodities, precious metals, the energy complex (e.g., oil, gas, utilities, etc.) and foreign currencies. 
    • We believe that investing in the stock market (whether domestic, global, or both) is important for long-term success as our goal is to help clients to preserve the inflation adjusted purchasing power of capital.
    • We understand that returns are asymmetric (e.g., investors who lose 50%, subsequently, need returns of 100% to regain what is lost and, thereby, recognize that avoiding significant market declines in a major determinant regarding overall investment results.


  • We believe that having the right “mix” of the investments, in the right market climate with the right strategies has more to do with performance and outcome than the actual selection of any one particular investment.
    • The stock market has experienced extended periods of secular (i.e., long-term) bull markets and extended periods of secular bear markets based on the trend in P/E ratios, which has been driven by the trend in inflation.
    • We believe that during secular bull markets, a “sailing” strategy (e.g., a strategic, relative return strategy) of buying and holding stocks and bonds (and realizing investment gains from the performance of an asset class and/or benchmark and general movement of the market) can be very effective.
    • We believe that during secular bear markets, a “rowing” strategy (e.g., a tactical, tactical unconstrained, and /or absolute return strategy) of seeking profits from the activities of skilled investment management in a wider array of investment choices (and an objective of positive returns in any given year) can be very effective.


  • We believe that our role is to be a trusted advisor and facilitator of our client’s financial goals and dreams.
    • We strive to help our clients to manage risk and achieve intended outcomes.  
    • We believe that, with a thorough review of the facts and an understanding of the appropriate investment options available, investment portfolios can be positioned for targeted growth and preservation
    • We believe that prudent investing starts with an understanding and appreciation of an investor’s purpose, objectives, age, family concerns, time horizon, tolerance for risk, current & projected income level, current & projected net worth, tax sensitivity, and special needs.  

We view our role to be that of performing the necessary due diligence to ensure that our clients place their money with the right money managers with the right investment strategies and/or money management styles at the right time.