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Our Services

Ramsey Reich, President of Frank Chappelle & Co., specializes in providing investment advisory services to individuals, couples, families and professional & business organizations.

Financial Services & Products:

  • Mutual Funds:
    • Load
    • No Load
    • Indexed
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • ETF's (Electronic Traded Funds)
  • UIT's (Unit Investment Trusts)
  • Annuities:
    • Variable
    • Fixed
    • Equity-Indexed
  • Direct Participation Programs:
    • Real Estate:
      • Public REIT's (Real Estate Investment Trusts)
      • Limited Partnerships
      • Tax Credit Programs
      • 1031 Exchange Programs
    • Equipment Leasing:
      • Public Equipment Leasing Programs
      • Private Equipment Leasing Programs
    • Energy:
      • Public Energy Programs - Developmental Drilling
    • Private Equity Funds
  • Mortgage Lending (Commercial & Residential):
    • Fixed Rate Mortgages: 30-yr Fixed, 15-yr Fixed
    • ARM's (Adjustable Rate Mortgages): 3, 5, 7 & 10 Yr.
    • Executive Monthly LIBOR's: 1-mo, 6-mo
    • Second Mortgage Options:
      • Streamlined Home Equity Line of Credit
      • Fixed Rate Second Mortgages
  • Life Insurance:
    • Term
      • ART (Annual Renewable Term)
      • Level Term (30-year, 20-year, 15-year, 10-year, etc.)
      • Decreasing Term
    • Cash Value
      • Whole Life
      • Universal
      • Variable
      • Variable Universal
      • Indexed
  • Disability Insurance:
    • Long Term Disability
    • Accident & Sickness
  • Pre-paid Legal Programs
  • Identity Theft Programs
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Advisory services

Ramsey's advisory services to clients include (but are not limited to) the:

  • creation & critique of personalized 'cash flow' revenues and expenditures statements;
  • construction & assessment of a personalized 'net worth' statement - detailing all assets and liabilities;
  • calculation & assessment of current investment returns generated by current 'working capital' assets;
  • creation of a personalized, written 'risk' assessment profile - resulting from your specific responses to questions relating to (among other things) your specific investment goals, time horizon, past experience, and reactions to 'risk' and/or fluctuations in hypothetical, investment portfolio market values;
  • providing of specfic recommendations regarding possible reallignment (or reallocation) of existing investment dollars - given one's risk profile, investment suitability, and past, relative investment performance of given asset classes & indices;
  • construction of a suitable investment portfolio of assets - given (among other things) one's stated goals, objectives, time horizon, past investment experience, marginal tax bracket status, current net worth, current and projected cash flow, and tolerance for risk;
  • creation of a personalized, written 'financial budget' - including (where appropriate) a specific plan for the elimination of debt;
  • securing of interest-rate competitive, permanent, real estate-related financing, when needed';
  • creation of a personalized, written 'financial plan' - which can include projections of current funding requirements for future needs relating to:
    • College Funding,
    • Retirment Cash Flow,
    • Long-term health care, and/or
    • Estate taxation;
  • critique and assessment of the adequacy or inadequacy of existing life, health and/or disability insurance coverage;

and, where appropriate:

  • the creation of a personalized, investment portfolio designed to result in greater tax efficiency for the investor; and
  • the creation of a personalized, investment portfolio offering greater diversification through the use of such private placement programs, such as: oil & gas limited partnership, private real estate investment trusts (i.e., private "REIT's"), 1031 Exchange programs, equipment leasing programs, etc.