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Frank Chappelle & Co. Inc.  --  Investments & Financial Services  -  "Built on a 74 Year Legacy of Investing in the Financial Future of our Clients"


Begun in the mid-to-late 1940’s (following the close of World War II) by Frank Chappelle, Sr. and Frank Chappelle, Jr. and formally incorporated in 1962, Frank Chappelle & Co., Inc. has specialized in helping individuals, families, professional groups, and small-to-mid-sized companies to build and preserve their hard-earned dollars.


Since its outset, Frank Chappelle & Co., Inc. has promoted a “balanced” and “diversified” approach to investing and the building and preserving of wealth.


Frank Chappelle & Co., Inc., also, helps clients to budget and plan, financially, for the future.



    Frank Chappelle, Sr.                      Frank Chappelle, Jr.



 Ramsey Reich


Ramsey Reich, JD, Investment Advisor Representative – President


Born and reared in Gadsden, Alabama, Ramsey Reich has spent his entire working career in the State of Alabama – following four (4) years of college preparatory work in Chattanooga, TN and attendance and graduation from both The School of Commerce and Business Administration at the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL) and Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law (Birmingham, AL).


Although Ramsey’s dedication and commitment to work began well before high school and college, his professional work experience has included the private practice of law (as an attorney), banking & retirement / fiduciary investing (as a corporate banking trust officer), employee benefits planning & risk management (as an Employee Benefits Consultant), investment & financial counseling (as a certified funds & employee benefits specialist), and general investment advisory services (as an registered investment advisory representative).


Connie Chappelle Reich


Connie Chappelle Reich: Corporate Officer - Secretary / Treasurer


Daughter of Frank Chappelle, Jr. and granddaughter to Frank Chappelle, Sr., Connie began her career in the investment industry, with Frank Chappelle & Co., Inc., upon graduation from the University of Alabama in May of 1979.


Connie has compiled a total of thirty-six (36) + years responding to the needs of our clients and serves as the corporate secretary and treasurer of Frank Chappelle & Co., Inc.